RSIPAC 21 10539 / CAT - NRGS 21 25048 / L / GGN  405282968508






Josep Maria Feliu / Roc Feliu



We are a family farming business spanning several generations, devoted to the cultivation of the "Coll de Dama" black fig. Our plantations have centenarian fig trees as well as younger ones, allowing us to provide the final consumer with a service of high quality produce every day. We started out as pioneers in the area of organic farming for a part of our production eleven years ago in order to attain a more natural product without any kind of pesticide residue.

The season for harvesting and selling this fruit is from August to October. During this period, thirty additional workers join the staff of the company, for the delicate task of handpicking and handling the figs to be put on the market.

We sell throughout Spain and export all over Europe, especially to France, Germany and Denmark.
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figa, coll de dama negra

exportació figa, exportador figa

Venta higo, Cataluña, higo, higo cuello de dama

Vente figue, Catalogne, figue, figue Col de Dame noir

biologique, agriculture biologique, la certification biologique
Feigenanbau, Feige exportieren nach ganz Europa
Schwarze Feigen, verkauf feigen, ökologisch