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Cal Pinela is a company located in Alguaire, Lleida, dedicated to the cultivation of organic “Cuello de Dama” figs. Generation after generation our farm has preserved the tradition of fig cultivation in this town whose soil bathed in the intense summer sun is perfect for its centuries-old fig trees to offer a unique delicacy. This makes the result of the food exquisite, both organoleptically and nutritionally.

In Cal Pinela, harvesting begins in August and lasts until the end of November. It is the tip of the iceberg of a process that lasts all year.

We are specialized in organic farming to be able to produce a more natural product without any type of phytosanitary residue. We are committed to this type of cultivation to make it known that there is another type of mentality when it comes to growing fruit: without pesticides.



We are governed by the principles of biodynamics and are Demeter certified.

The adjective “biodynamics” means that we work in accordance with the energies that create and maintain life. The word biodynamics comes from two Greek words: “bios”, life, and “dynamis”, strength. The use of the word “method” implies not only manufacturing fertilizers in a new way (circumstantially organic), but above all respecting certain principles to ensure the health of the land and plants, and to provide healthy nutrition for animals and to the human being.

Biodynamic agriculture covers all aspects of agriculture: ecological, economic and social. The reports carried out during the early stages of this work include a wide range of topics, manure management, composting, use of biodynamic preparations, measures to organize the landscape, crop rotations, use of legumes, green manures, associated crops and influences of some plants on others, mulching, wildlife care, forage produced within the farm, medicinal herbs, and many other topics related to the healthy and sustainable care of plants and animals.

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Biodynamic agriculture



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